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Reduce Wait Times & Increase Security
For Your Visitors

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Your company’s visitor sign-in headaches are ended. Your visitors enjoy fast & easy registration. Employees are instantly notified when their visitor has arrived. Try stratus-io: Visitor Management today.

Case Study

See how Procore captured Employee and Visitor Usage of their shuttle systems.

Easy to Use Visitor Management System 

Visitor management is a crucial part of your everyday business. A visitor’s reason from being there can vary and your needs, as a business, might vary too. stratus-io: Visitor Management can help you log visitors with ease. No matter what your needs are, stratus-io is ready to handle them. Our solution’s flexibility can handle whatever suits your workflow and deployment needs. With stratus-io, your business is guaranteed to:

  • Provide an excellent experience to your visitors, allowing them to sign-in with ease.
  •  Eliminate inaccuracies and prepare for emergencies
  • Free up your staff and automatically notify employees when visitors are there to see them.

See For Yourself:

Your organization's visitor management is unmatched with stratus-io VM. Instantly know who comes on-site and when. Your visitors are easily accounted for. Visitor safety during an emergency is reliable, fast and easy.

How do I get started?

Let us show you how you can have peace of mind for visitors to your business.

Cloud-in-Hand - Get in Touch With Us

Book your personal demonstration today to start your 30-day free trial. A dedicated Solution Specialist will be assigned to personally assist you every step of the way. Work hand-in-hand with your Solution Specialist to configure the solution to exactly meet your workflow. All you need to get started is your iPad, Android, or Windows tablet, and you can be setup in minutes.

Effective Visitor Management Features like..

Visitor Here! Notifications

Records that last a lifetime. Visitor logs and reports are available via the web for your admins to access and export at anytime.

Flexible Workflow

Customize the application workflow to include only the information you care about with multiple check-in options.

Prepare for Emergencies

Keep active visitor logs for who is on-site that update in real time. During an emergency, use our app on your phone or dedicated device and track who is safe.

Works for Employees Too

Utilize our idChamp® badge scanners and keep track of which employees are on-site too. Great for time clocking or emergencies.

Temporary Badges

Print temporary badges for visitors to check-in and checkout. Badges include a QR code for contactless check-in/checkout.

Works Offline

Even if your WiFi and Power go out, our solution doesn't. stratus-io: Visitor Management can continue to work offline until data is re-established.

What you get with stratus-io: Visitor Management

Visitor Logs & Registration

stratus-io lets your visitors register themselves. Only the information you want is displayed so your visitors register quickly. Records are stored electronically, you can be access  anytime. stratus-io is flexible, setup will meet your  workflow needs exactly. Reporting is available to you in real-time and stratus-io continues to work even when WiFi fails.

Best School Visitor Management system with iPad and badge scanning
Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Check-in QRCode on iPhone, Android

Fast & Flexible Deployment

stratus-io is works on Android, iOS, and Windows. Use your organization existing iPads or tablets or get full kiosk with hardware & software from With hardware in hand, your visitor solution deployment is virtually instant. Work hand-in-hand with your personal Solution Specialists for quick and easy setup . Use videos guides at your convenience as ongoing references on how to get most from your visitor check-in solution.

Print Temporary Badges

Print your visitor badges in a format of your choice. Badges can have your company logo, visitor’s picture, name, who they’re visiting, and more if you like. Have your visitor badges print automatically if you like when registration is complete.

Cloud-in-Hand - Brother Printer instant visitor badge printing mobile+kiosk
idChamp mobile wireless Attendance badge reader iOS Android

Account for Employees Too!

Let your team use stratus-io Time & Attendance to keep an accurate count of your employees and group members. Do you need RFID-NFC-Barcode support? Done. You can use stratus-io with the idChamp® & Scanfob® brand RFID badge readers. Leverage your existing badges for on-site check-in and checkout. During an emergency you have full accounting for visitors and employees. Contact us for badges needs if you don’t have them now.

Barcode/QR code scanners and manual check-in via search are also available.

Integrate with the tools you already use like...

Cloud-in-Hand - Works With Tyco Software House Go Reader
Cloud-in-Hand - Genetec
Cloud-in-Hand - Lenel S2 Logo Interface with S2
Cloud-in-Hand - Microsoft Active Directory

Built for organizations just like yours

“It’s creating security for our company that didn’t exist before.”
Cloud-in-Hand - Procore
Gerry Morison

Why choose us?

Trusted Brand

Our solutions have been in the market for over 25 years. With a proven track record and trusted brand, our team and solutions will bring your business to the next level.

Unmatched Support

When you choose us, we're in it together. Your dedicated solution specialist will work directly with you and your team to configure the solution exactly the way you need.

Flexible Deployment

stratus-io: Visitor management works on Android, iOS, or Windows. Use iOS or Android tablets in our floor-stand kiosks or wall mounts. If you've got a front desk, you download our Windows app too.

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Ready for Visitor Sign-In to be even easier?

We’re ready to help you! Schedule your demo and see how quickly stratus-io improves your organization’s log visitor sign-in. Fast, accurate, and easy-to-use.

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