The easy way to manage attendance and security for your organization​

Collect and validate smart badge scans from any mobile device. Track and manage people data without pen and paper. 

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A check in app that automates data collection and management

Tailor to every workflow

Open Check-In

Open check in

Continuously track scans at
entry points

Open Check-In/Check-Out

Open check in and check out

Track “check-in” and “check-out” scans at entry/exit points



Track check-in/out at events for all individuals or assigned groups

Self Check-In

Self check in

Prompt individuals at scan to self-select an event to check-in to

Automate attendance management

Record check-ins for daily attendance, payroll timekeeping, meeting sign-in, training session management, events, and more. Track scans on-the-go or from designated kiosks with an attendance management app that works anywhere  with or without network availability.

A check in app to simplify workforce management
A check in app to simplify event management

Expand across your organization

Get more from your attendance management by implementing secure badge validation at entrances and exits, collecting audit data on programs,  tracking ridership, and accounting for people in emergencies.

Do more with tracked data

Customize data fields and analyze scan data with extensive search and filter options. Create custom reports from data collected with stratus-io for advanced trend analysis, program auditing, and forecasting resources for future projects.

A check in app to simplify school management


Custom Displays

Set personalized background displays at kiosks for brand promotion, upcoming events, or important notifications


Automatically join and assign roster check-ins to the next event on your schedule 

Assigned Sessions

Assign events to roster members to validate check-in and manage which events users have access to

Add Photo IDs

Match every swipe to the correct badge holder in real-time for increased control over access security

Save Reports

Save your frequently used reports and have them sent automatically to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Automate workflows. Save time and money.
Upgrade your attendance management today.