Capture check-ins
remotely and increase headcount accuracy

A check in app to simplify event management

Check-In Anywhere: Fast, Accurate, and Secure

Students and employees can check-in from their phone or tablet with a single tap.

Control when and how attendees can check-in while also recording their GPS location.

Quickly and accurately record presence during an event or emergency. 

Tailor your workflow to increase headcount accuracy

Mobile ID

Open check in

Unique QR codes allow you to scan a users phone like an ID card

Secure Check-In

Open check in and check out

Restrict access to events by requiring pin codes to check-in

Safety First


Push notifications alert users when an emergency is happening

Offline Functionality

Self check in

The application works offline and will sync when data is reconnected

Automate check-in

Streamline internal events

How effective are your programs? Track employee engagement with internal events like all-hands meetings, safety training, team-building events, and more. No more time wasted with sign-in sheets or manual data entry.

Check in event attendees stratus-io Event Management Software Solutions
Assign event ticket levels and control access

Enhance security

Take control of your credentials


Control ID data from the Cloud-In-Hand® Solution Platform. Mobile IDs are registered to a single device. Easy to issue, update and revoke. Control which events the ID is valid for from any web browser.

Capture leads

Focus on engaging experiences

Collect lead information without interrupting conversations or entering incorrect details. Attendees can scan their badges or tickets when entering vendor areas and vendors can capture and transfer accurate contact information automatically to their database.

Best Event Management Software for Lead Capture

Upgrade your event management today

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More accuracy faster without pen and paper

Use the free Optimization Checklist and see how automation with stratus-io saves time and improves accuracy.