The Cloud-In-Hand® Solutions Platform’s paperless workflows leverage our RFID/NFC, barcode, and QR code scanners with our data collection and validation app, stratus-io, to save organizations time and money on check-in and security. 

Our idChamp® and Scanfob® brand RFID-NFC reader/writers are the most convenient and versatile scanners on the market and integrate seamlessly with any mobile device.


Mobile Emergency Mustering iPad iPhone Cloud-in-hand - idChamp® NF4 Bluetooth Smart Card Reader Read Every Badge Type Made

Scan RFID/NFC tag data to any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device, such as iPads, iPhones, Android phones/tablets, and Windows 10 PCs/tablets. Read all major smart card types, including PROX, MIFARE, iClass, SEOS, Elite, Indala, and more.

Barcode / QR Code

Scanfob PX20 Best 2D Barcode Scanner Wireless

Scan and decode 2D and all 1D and barcodes symbologies to any Bluetooth enabled device. Best QR code scanner of it’s kind.

Cloud-in-Hand - Scanfob® 2006 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for mobile checkin

Scan any 1D barcodes with wireless connection to any Bluetooth enabled device. There are many copycats, but only one genuine Scanfob brand scanner family.