Hybrid Emergency Headcount

Cloud-In-Hand® Hybrid Emergency Mustering is unmatched. You streamline emergency management procedures for unmatched check-in speed. Setup your mobile muster rally points anywhere - this is critical when fixed check-in locations are compromised during the emergency.



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Hybrid Emergency Mustering

First, do fast hybrid emergency headcount because wasting time during an emergency has a bad outcome. Secondly, your emergency roll-call speed saves lives. Third, Cloud-In-Hand® stratus-io solution eliminates wasted time and inaccuracies, you muster as quick as possible. Additionally, use your current employee badges with the world-class idChamp® RFID-NFC readerFinally, get peace of mind knowing your team is accurately accounted for.

Emergency Management and Evacuation Mustering

Why Hybrid Emergency Headcount?

Your hybrid workforce is dynamic. First, with employees, visitors, and contractors coming and going your emergency evacuation solution accounts for everyone. Next, offsite people check-in with the Remote Check-in app on their iPhone or Android phone. Also, with the employee mustering solution you see real-time attendance status during the emergency, and know exactly who’s safe. Additionally, you notify emergency responders exactly who to focus on finding quickly. Finally, with the optional SMS notification, your people can get emergency notification via TEXT.

Save Money On Mustering Drills

First, you reduce time for your drills, this saves money. People appreciate the efficiency, they simply scan their ID badge for instant check in.  Secondly, stress is reduced without hassle of paper rosters or clumsy spreadsheets. Finally, meet OSHA requirements for workplace emergency and evacuation planning with your hybrid emergency headcount solution.

Fast, Mobile, Unmatched

First, your hybrid emergency headcount solution can be setup and working faster than any solution of its kind. Secondly, tailor your electronic mustering to meet your company needs. Third, ask about integration to existing access control systems, or use the mustering solution stand-alone.

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