Attendance Management For Schools

You track attendance in real-time as students and visitors walk through the door. A quick swipe automatically logs entry and exit information as students and visitors move around the school for the best attendance management for schools experience.

Student Attendance Open Book With Subject Circles

All-In-One Attendance Management for Schools and Institutions - 2022

As a college student, I have first handedly observed the hassle that peers and

 professors go through when taking attendance at organizational events and class meetings. Even in virtual

 classrooms, taking attendance is a required procedure that takes at least 10 minutes at the beginning of every class.

Schools and institutions track student attendance to better understand absenteeism and punctuality; however, there are many drawbacks of a traditional, manual attendance system:

  •          Time-consuming
  •          Loads of paperwork
  •          Reduces productivity and lecture time
  •          Risk of human error
  •          Student manipulation

Let’s face it, manually tracking attendance has always been a complicated and cumbersome task. Imagine if there was a quicker way to sign in without having to wait in lines or pass the sign-in sheet around a class of 50+ students until it finally gets to you. 

Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io: Remote Check-In is the solution selected by schools to record student attendance. Whether you have 30 students or 300, manually keeping and consolidating paper records is a significant undertaking. With stratus-io, all the work is done for you, with no documentation required. Check-ins for students and visitors are logged from any device and saved in an easily searchable database. You can pull data by student, roster, or date for hassle-free grade reconciliation, administrative reports, and visitor management.

Key Features of Stratus-io for Administrators

Student ID iPhone Roster check-inTrack attendance in real-time as students and visitors walk through the door. A quick swipe automatically logs entry and exit information as students and visitors move around the school. Automatic syncing means records are updated continually, so you always know who’s in class and who’s on campus. With that information at hand, you can enhance security systems, keep administrators and parents up-to-date, and keep students safe.

Roster Creation

Students use their existing student ID cards as a ready-made school attendance system. RFID badges are the perfect tracking tool and it’s simple to sync your current database with the app. Create mobile check-in kiosks to easily take classroom attendance or sign visitors in as they arrive. Even if you don’t currently have a smart card, it’s both simple and cost-effective to turn plastic IDs into RRFID-enabled cards for a quick, hassle-free attendance management for schools solution.

LMS Integration

Stratus-io can be integrated and act as a plug-in to the current infrastructure to give granular data

Program Auditing

Learn more about who’s in class day-to-day with attendance tracking, as well as manage afterschool activities and find out where students

 are spending their time. Know how many students are playing sports, what clubs they’re joining, the food services they’re utilizing, and more, with just a swipe of their student IDs. With this insight, you can audit the effectiveness of school activities and programs, spot trends, and even forecast costs and resources for the years ahead.

Custom Display
iPhone Android Student ID attendance efficiently

Customize fields, control access, and even add photo identification for a complete management system. You make active prompts and collect tailored information. Kiosk mode gives hands-free option. Have better security  with access permissions and picture identification.


Instant notifications are sent to students to alert them when it’s time to check in to class, meetings, or events.

Visitor Management

Create check-in stations to sign in visitors and track access on school grounds and student areas. Assign badges to visitors at entry points, check photo identification, and collect GPS location scans as they move around campus. 

Emergency Headcount

Improve school to ensure only students and employees with valid credentials can access the school. Moreover, the institution can keep track of visitors during school hours. You instantly scan students with idChamp® brand RFID readers and Scanfob® brand barcode scanners.

Advanced Reporting

All attendance data is stored in digital format, which makes it easy for the school admin team to generate student and staff attendance reports in any desired format. Save and subscribe to commonly accessed reports to get them delivered daily, weekly, or monthly. For in-depth usage analysis, cost audits, status reporting, and forecasts for future projects, export tracked data to Excel.

Offline Capability

Can operate when no WiFi or cellular connection is available. Data is synchronized when network is working again.

In summary, you will be pleased with how much work stratus-io attendance management for schools saves you.

Key Features of Stratus-io for Administrators


cloud-in-hand stratus-io make student attendance fast and easy

  • How do I implement Cloud-In-Hand? It’s as easy as:
  1. Create a checkpoint
  2. Scan your smart card
  3. Automatically generate reports
  • How do I handle multiple locations? You set up multiple Geofences and assign each gFence to different location. Then you see exactly who showed to each location and when they left that location. Also note locations function independently, there is no overlap, and your reports show a clear picture.
  • How do I get student attendance reports? First, your school admins search and filter results, for check-in / checkout for classes and events. Secondly, reports formatted to your liking are exported any time. Thirdly, you setup reports for automatic delivery daily, weekly, or monthly. You have full control.
  • What are steps to use stratus-io attendance management for schools? First, you contact your Cloud-In-Hand® stratus-io representative to discuss your schools needs. Secondly, you’ll discuss how solution options uniquely benefit your school.  Thirdly, your team will see first hand how easy using stratus-io is.  Finally, you are seen as your school’s champion for finding this solution.  Step-by-step your school IT team and staff will be walked through stratus-io setup and deployment. 
  • How is school attendance data used? Your school attendance data is used to generate reports for your school. Only your school has access to your school’s attendance information. Your school data is never provided to any third-party.