Capture Remote Employee Hours for Payroll

Capture Remote Employee Hours for Payroll

Check-In Anywhere: Remote Timeclocking

Employees can clock-in to work from their phone or tablet with a single tap.

Control when and how employees can remotely clock-in for work, meetings, and training.

Accurately record clock-in and clock out timestamps even across different time zones.

Tailor to Any Business

Accurate Time Reports

Open check in

Easily compile daily, weekly, and monthly reports of employee clock-in and clock outs.

Configurable Formatting

Open check in and check out

Configure reports to match the needs of your payroll system.

Remote Check-In


Allow employees to clock-in with the push of a button from the convenience of a mobile phone.

Push Notifications

Self check in

Notify employees when the workday is starting and ending for reminders to clock-in and out.

Control your data

Configurable Data Points

Working remote comes with its own set up rules. Track lateness for starting the workday, ask your employees what their tasks are, receive alerts for when the day is starting and if employees don’t show up.

Configurable Data Points
Cloud-in-Hand - Multiple Clock Ins

Track Multiple Clock-Ins

Workday, Meetings, and Trainings

Create multiple events for employees to clock into. Track daily work hours, project hours, meeting attendance and more. Make your events repeatable to cut down on administrative tasks and automate reports for regular delivery.

Employee Credentials

Use the same app on site

Our remote check-in app comes equipped with a unique employee credential that can be used for on-site check-in too. Utilize our kiosk app on-site to scan employee credentials in their app for clocking in.

Use App on Site

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