Track and Manage Visitors at Your Business to Strengthen Security

Track and Manage Visitors to Prevent Most Common Security Breaches

The safety and security of your organization are paramount, regardless of whether you run a small business, a global corporation, or an educational institution. It is essential to keep track and manage visitors to safeguard everyone and protect your premises, including employees, students, guests, and contractors. An effective way to regulate access and enhance security is by implementing a Visitor Management System. This technology streamlines administrative procedures, creates a safe workplace environment, and is user-friendly. Additionally, it offers intelligent reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights beyond simple visitor tracking.


Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Areas

Organizations often deal with sensitive and restricted areas like research labs, executive suites, and data centers, which can be prone to unauthorized access concerns. Nevertheless, by implementing an effective visitor management system, they can easily track and manage visitors through check-ins using visitor badges or passes. This approach allows employees to quickly differentiate between authorized personnel and unauthorized individuals. For instance, if an unauthorized person attempts to enter a restricted area, the visitor management system would instantly alert the security team, preventing potential alarming breaches. Embracing such a system offers peace of mind, knowing that robust visitor management protocols protect sensitive areas effectively.

Threats and Workplace Violence

Additionally, visitor management plays a crucial role in reducing potential threats and workplace violence. For instance, unauthorized access to a large organization’s premises can endanger employees and visitors. However, implementing visitor management enables organizations to establish strict protocols and identify potential threats in advance. Visitors must sign in, provide identification, and undergo security screenings. This system allows organizations to track and manage potential threats based on past incidents, restraining orders, or other warning signs. This proactive approach ensures the well-being of everyone within the organization by addressing potential acts of violence before they occur.

7 Ways To Track and Manage Visitors at Your Organization

It can be challenging for your organization to efficiently track and manage visitors, especially when unexpected guests or suppliers with changing personal information arrive. You can strengthen security defenses at your organization with a visitor management system. With Stratus-io, businesses can easily create and manage guest records. This mobile-based software allows guests to check in and out on-site, and it seamlessly integrates with compatible printers for quick and secure credential creation.

Stratus-io, a powerful visitor management software, offers several features and functionalities that can help prevent security breaches in your organization. Here’s how you can utilize Stratus-io to enhance your security measures:

1. Badge Printing

Badge printing using iPad to track and manage visitorsStratus-io enables you to print visitor badges for individuals upon check-in. These credentials can include barcodes, QR codes, or RFID tags, making it easier for your staff to identify authorized visitors. Unauthorized individuals without proper credentials will be immediately noticeable, enhancing your security protocols.

2. Access Control

Control and manage visitor access within your organization. The software allows you to set specific permissions and access levels for different areas of your premises. This ensures that visitors can only access authorized locations and prevents them from entering restricted or sensitive areas.

3. Real-time Monitoring

Stratus-io provides real-time monitoring of visitor activities. You can track and manage the movement of visitors within your facility, enabling you to quickly identify any suspicious behavior or unauthorized access attempts. This proactive approach allows you to intervene promptly and prevent potential security breaches.

4. Security Alerts

Cloud-in-Hand - notification SMS & emailStratus-io allows you to set up security alerts for specific situations. For example, you can receive instant notifications when a visitor attempts to access a restricted area or when someone with a history of security incidents checks in. These alerts help you take immediate action and prevent potential threats.

5. Visitor Pre-screening

Stratus-io enables you to pre-screen visitors before their arrival. You can collect necessary information in advance, such as identification details and the purpose of the visit, allowing you to perform background checks if required. This pre-screening process helps identify potential risks and will enable you to deny entry to individuals who may pose a threat.

6. Visitor History and Reporting

digital attendance to track and manage visitorsStratus-io maintains a comprehensive record of visitor history, including check-in and check-out times, areas accessed, and any incidents or alerts associated with each visitor. This historical data provides valuable insights and helps identify patterns or recurring issues, allowing you to further strengthen your security protocols.


Implementing a robust visitor management system establishes a proactive line of defense, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive areas and mitigating the risk of physical threats and workplace violence. By embracing visitor management, you protect your people, assets, and sensitive information, providing a secure environment for everyone involved.

Discover how Stratus-io can track and manage people to prevent security breaches. With efficient monitoring, access control, real-time alerts, and comprehensive reporting, you can safeguard your organization, protecting people, assets, and sensitive information. Join us to enhance your security measures today.