Your Emergency Safety Plan

How effective is your emergency safety plan when your company deals with hazards related to an emergency?

Cloud-in-Hand - Emergency Safety Plan

How effective is your emergency safety plan when your company deals with hazards related to an emergency?

First, the importance of having your emergency safety plan in place before an emergency incident in your organization can’t be overstated.  Next, your preparation is vital to ensure you have the needed equipment and plans in place. Additionally, your employees need to know the emergency procedures. Finally,  your company needs to have a system of records in place to clearly show compliance.  

Muster Stations

Your personnel evacuate to muster location(s) during the emergency.  Also, you need multiple multiple muster locations when your workforce is large. Additionally, when number of employees is small but in a large area, you need multiple muster locations. Remember to distribute your muster points around the perimeter.  Finally, with multiple points, everyone quickly reaches one of the multiple safe locations quickly, and are accounted for quickly to ensure all are safe

Custom Safety Reporting:   When you account for people during an emergency with pen and paper, you’re asking for trouble. Physical lists are difficult to properly handle an emergency.  Printing your rosters from a database during an emergency is extremely difficult, perhaps impossible. Real time delivery of your roster shows who’s checked in and who unaccounted for, perhaps in danger. Make your emergency safety plan Emergency include Cloud-In-Hand stratus-io solution, your management and employees will thank you.

First using the idChamp® NF4 badge/tag reader provides the ideal wireless device for muster stations. Paired with the stratus-io Time & Attendance app, muster attendance is captured quickly and efficiently. Additionally, your reporting easily meets your company’s workflow and reporting needs. Additionally, your real-time, emergency roll-call attendance is highly efficient. Finally, the quick updates your muster captains and supervisors get, quickly shows who’s safe and accounted for and who’s not.

Health, Safety and Risk Managers

 Your emergency safety plan preparation using Cloud-In-Hand® stratus-io  lowers your drill time by up to 80%. Additionally, Safety Managers planning, implementing and overseeing company employee safety at work is easier. Also your ensuring the company’s compliance and adherence  to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines is critical. Finally, and most importantly you ensure employees go home to their families safe every night.

Cloud-in-Hand - Emergency Safety Plan

Emergency Safety Plan, Why? Risk never sleeps.

Emergencies strike organizations directly.  In 2019, organizations were vulnerable to these reported emergencies: 

  • 4.1 million workplace injuries. 
  • 2 million incidents of workplace violence. 
  • $2.6 billion of property loss from non-residential structure fires. 
  • 349,500 fire department responses to hazardous material spills. 
  • 45,000 natural and manmade disasters. 
  • 10,000 incidents of sudden cardiac arrest at work.
  • 4,670 accidental workplace deaths. 
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All-Hazards Planning One critical feature of NFPA 1600 is the need for all-hazards planning.  All-hazards planning means that you must address at least these requirements and foreseeable circumstances in your Emergency Safety Plan. 

  • Emergency response team 
  • Team training 
  • All-employee training 
  • Drills 
  • Evacuation procedure 
  • Fire risk assessment 
  • Fire prevention strategies 
  • Headcount procedure 
  • Assembly area 
  • Flood
  • Pipe burst 
  • Shelter in place 
  • Chemical spills 
  • Workplace violence 
  • Active shooter 
  • Hostage 
  • Bomb threat 
  • Severe weather/tornado/hurricane 
  • Explosion 
  • Structural failure
  • Emergency shutdown 
  • Earthquake 
  • Power failure 
  • Mandatory evacuation 
  • Suspicious package 
  • Terrorism 
  • Spill clean-up 
  • Visitors 
  • Contractors 
  • Disabled (any persons with special needs, including a temporary disability)
Cloud-in-Hand - reduce risk and improve company safety during emergency

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