Guest-Visitor Badge Printing for Check-In

Guest-Visitor badges printing provides a Unique QR Codes for Quick and Easy Check-In.

stratus-io Time and Attendance now supports badge printing! Badge printing can be used for your guests, visitors, employees, and contractors.  Your business can quickly register, check-in, and account for your guests and visitors. stratus-io Time and Attendance: Guests and Visitors gives you this feature.

What is Guest-Visitor badge printing?

Your visitors and guests use badge printing to produce a wearable ID. They use the ID to check-in and check out. Your guest-visitor badges also display reasons for being on-site. Additionally, you have accurate records of when individuals were in the building. In today’s world health and safety are an increasing concern. Perhaps it’s important for you to be able to know who is in your building at all times. Access control systems can sometimes be used to account for employees. However support for your guests and visitors is often not available such systems.

How does it work?

Your guests and visitors register at a kiosk where they enter their information.  You can use iOS or Android tablet for your visitor kiosk. Your company guests enter the requested information that is used to create a badge.  For example, ask the who they’re visiting, get email, phone number, picture*, etc.. They can even take a picture of themselves with the status-io kiosk. Once they complete the form, they can tap check-in and a badge is instantly printed. *When printer supports picture printing

What's on the badge?

Your choose what’s on the badge. stratus-io gives you multiple badge templates too choose from. Different types of information is available for your visitor’s printed badges. Do you want the guest name, email, phone, picture*?  Would you prefer to use QR code for easy check-in/checkout?  You simply select from the list of available formats and orientations to get what you need. Additionally, you can include your company logo on some badge formats! 

What kind of reporting is offered?

When your guest registers, they will be immediately checked-in and marked as on-site. You have instant access to the data which is sent to the cloud upon registration. Suppose for example, you want to filter guest data to find who was on-site, and when.  Additionally, you can filter visitor & guest data and export reports manually.  Finally, you have the option for Dynamic report exported automatically.

What methods of check-in are available?

You can use stratus-io with many forms of check-in. For example, use your company’s RFID-NFC badges with an idChamp brand reader like the NF4. Alternately, suppose you want to use a QR code, a personal check-in app. Finally, may want something as simple as searching a directory. Note your employees check-in with their current badges, they same they currently use for building access. You can always know who is on-site. In the event of an emergency, you can account for employees and guests all in one app. stratus-io can be used on-the-go and you can create emergency events to immediately know who needs to be accounted for when on-site.

Do you need notification when a guest arrives? The “Guest is here!” notification feature will provide what you need. Your guest arrival will notify who they came to see. Choose your alert notification method from email or text, when a guest arrives.

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