Education – We provide you valuable insights about the components of your use case whether its RFID, Bluetooth, Access Control, UHF Assets, or other.

Insight– Our solution architects have seen it all. We’ll listen carefully to what you want to accomplish and give you feedback on best practices based on real-world deployments.

Transparency – If we can’t provide the best solution, we’ll tell you who can. We are not trying to sell you a widget — we are a solutions partner.

    Track Attendance from Your Mobile Device

    Recording attendance via pen and paper is error-prone and time-consuming. By using NFC technology, along with Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance application, companies will be able to gain a much better perspective on their attendance levels, all while reducing the time and cost. Call us to set up a consultation or fill out the form and we will contact your shortly.

    Data Automation

    Tired of endlessly updating spreadsheets? Wasting time on manually entering pen and paper data? Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance will save you time and money at your events, trainings, classes, and more.

    Mobile Workflows

    The only mobile solution that lets you scan an Employee or Student ID card and instantly validate and record data. We’ve made it easy! Native support on Android and iOS for all access control credentials and badges, including the latest SEOS technology from HID Global (also supports mag strips, barcodes, and QR codes!).

    Keeping Things Simple

    Tired of losing all your ROI in the adoption and maintenance of your new software? We design solutions that:
    • Automate tasks and validates processes
    • Instantly Captures Data
    • Integrates to Active Directory, Access Control Software, and LMS

    Our Software. Your Success.

    Mobile Apps + Access Control = A Productive Workforce.
    • Manage employee trainings and meetings
    • Generate an instant headcount during an evacuation or emergency
    • Workstation check-in and task tracking
    • Mobile Access Control and more!

    See it in action!

    Join the Future -

    “In an AIIM study in 2014, … almost half [of businesses] stated that removing paper from most of their business processes has been the single most effective improvement to productivity”

    When doing anything manually, it opens the process up to fallible human error and limits. Speed, quality, and accuracy are just a few factors that are constantly set back by manually entering data.  Here are some of the most detrimental effects of manual data entry:
    Human Error
    Time Consuming
    Demands Human Resources

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