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Mining Site Personnel Management

Your mining site personnel management is critical for your mining companies success.

How can you benefit from of the 2nd largest major mining company in North America? How they successfully manage their on-site personnel can help save your company time, and money.

Why Tracking Your On-Site Personnel Is Important

Knowing your employees locations is important for their safety. Your contractors, visitors and guests also appreciate your concern for their safety. Finally the government requires compliance for your personnel management system.

Multi-Site Personnel Management Problem

How do you rate your company’s mining site personnel management?

Your compliance system must be able to report who is currently on your site at any time. When your company has multiple locations this can be difficult. When your locations are remote and may have unreliable power and Internet, the solution can be more difficult. Is your mining facility like the one mentioned here with the entrance located on a public road? A typical access control system may not work for you in this case.

Solution Used By This Major Mining Company

The compliance solution mentioned here must accurately account for their on premise personnel. The solution they use is CLOUD-IN-HAND® stratus-io Time & Attendance. Stratus-io handles all their on-site personnel: employees, contractors, visitors & guests. Stratus-io provides their multi-location stations for check-in and checkout that generates accurate reports of who is currently on-site at their locations in real-time.

What Works For Them, Can Work For You

You issue your personnel badges used to access some of their on-site buildings. Some of your personnel may stay on-site for weeks at a time. Perhaps you may also issue badges to all your contractors, guests, and visitors. Your staff issues badges as they come on-site at the mining location’s front entrance. Your personnel check-in by swiping their badge at a kiosk, or a guard scans their badge. When personnel leave your site they swipe their badge again. The process is fast and easy. Reporting makes a list of your current personnel on-site hourly. 

Reporting When Power Fails

Make reports anytime you need them with the tap of a button. Check-in/out stations you deploy to all locations needed. What happens when your site power is down? Your system can work even without network data and power. Stratus-io works in mines where WiFi is unavailable.

How can stratus-io empower your business to be safety compliant?

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