Fast ticketing for Parks, Zoos, Events, & Transportation

Why settle for slow or average, when you can have fast? Fast ticketing for parks, zoos, events, and transportation is provided by stratus-io. Stations register, and validate tickets in mobile and kiosk settings. Support on iOS, Android, & Windows.


Deploy your stratus-io ticketing stations to create tickets for customers and speed up the ticketing process. Maximize your ticket checking solution with support for many ticket types. Print tickets using one of several supported printers. Choose the ticket layout you prefer. Include your organization name, logo, customer’s name and more. Distribute your RFID or barcode wristbands  (contact cloud-in-hand stratus-io sales for custom designed wristbands and badges) and use optional RFID-NFC-Barcode scanner. For example idChamp® readers will reliably and quickly scan your ticket credentials. Don’t want to distribute wristbands or badges? Let the stratus-io ticketing solution keep records of your customer’s remaining tickets. Your staff searches for a customer when at a station, and stratus-io only allow check-in when they unused tickets. 

Parks and Zoos

Parks and Zoos commonly provide season passes to improve customer loyalty. Your customers can visit with a one-time admission or use a season pass, stratus-io ticketing handles it all. Let your customers arrive and check-in, when they use the admission ticket, let your staff know when their ticket(s) are expired. Get fast ticketing for your park or zoo today.


stratus-io provides a great solution for many of your event needs. You can do stadium admission, a tradeshow, or a workplace event with goodie bags. Use stratus-io app in many settings to check tickets. Additionally, you can also have advanced portal solutions, where visits are recorded automatically as attendees walk through an area. You can also easily validate tickets using when having a person use a mobile scan or kiosk. Get fast ticketing for your event today.


When you offer a transportation shuttle stratus-io has you covered. We have been proving shuttle solutions since the Blackberry days. stratus-io is fully mobile and works well on busses and shuttles. First, your drivers can monitor the app as passengers boards, and register customers as needed. Secondly, your shuttle solution can give instant TEXT/SMS notification to the arrival point. Thirdly, this to enables your team to give faster processing of customers when the shuttle arrives. Finally, even when you don’t require tickets, stratus-io can be used to monitor transportation usage in a quick and efficient manner.

Multiple Use Cases All at Once

When your business manages these types of venues and events, we’ve got you covered. You will appreciate stratus-io’s ease-of-use and many features. Your solution is deployed managed as needed using the robust cloud/mobile app. Easily deploy multiple stations as you need, with unique workflows and logic across locations.

Contact us today to learn how stratus-io can meet the needs of your organization and workflow.