Accelerate Safety Drills: Stratus-io Emergency Mustering

Imagine you’re working for a company with over 100 employees. You’re all striving toward respective goals, surrounded by the hum of productivity. While the workdays are usually a symphony of tasks and objectives, there is one day that stands out: the annual safety drill. This day is designed to assess whether the company has enhanced its emergency preparedness or if their is a pressing need to accelerate safety drills. 

As employees exit the building, you couldn’t help but notice the challenge that was quickly emerging. With more than a hundred people dispersing in different directions, it became clear that keeping track of who made it to the muster point was not a simple task.

You observed colleagues struggling to recall the names and faces of those they had not seen at the muster point. In the midst of chaos, it was evident that while the intention was to practice a safe and rapid evacuation, the drill revealed the company’s need for improvement in emergency preparedness. 

           Employees during a safety drill

The Importance of Accelerating Safety Drills

 Accelerating safety drills is crucial. It can determine the outcome between a successful response and a potentially costly disaster. It guarantees that employees can rapidly and safely exit the premises during a drill. This ultimately improves organizations’ capacity to protect lives, minimize property damage, and maintain business operations during an unforeseen crisis.

Accelerate Safety Drills to save time

Although it is vital to accelerate safety drills, many companies continue to use the outdated practice of using clipboards and attendance sheets. While this might have proven to be a familiar and ingrained approach over the years, it’s crucial for companies to recognize that it is time-consuming and inefficient.

Now, with the integration of advanced technology, organizations have the advantage of harnessing cutting-edge solutions. These solutions enhance the effectiveness of safety drills. Rather than relying on manual methods, companies employ innovative systems that streamline their emergency mustering process.

Stratus-io Emergency Mustering

In emergency situations, time is a precious and limited resource. Stratus-io Emergency Mustering is a vital asset, reducing the time needed to verify successful evacuation and locating those requiring assistance. This efficiency improvement can reach a remarkable 70-80% reduction in the overall mustering time. The following are some ways Stratus-io Emergency Mustering can safely accelerate safety drills:

  1. Automatic Check-in:  Employees mark themselves safe by opening the application on their mobile device and clicking the check-in button. They also check-in using different employee badge types such as PROX, iClass, TagIt and more. If someone has not checked in, administrators can instantly identify any missing individual, ensuring a faster and more accurate headcount.
  2. Fast Communication: Employees can send messages if they need to provide any additional information as they check-in. The messages will be sent directly to the account administrator, along with the timestamp and GPS coordinate. This level of communication expedites the mustering process and enhances the overall safety and well-being of the employees during a safety drill.
  3. Track employees: The tracking feature enables companies to monitor the real-time location of employees and ensure they made it to the muster point. This not only enhances safety but also significantly reduces the time it takes to account for every person, making the overall process faster and more efficient. 
  4. Data Reports – Stratus-io Emergency Mustering captures timestamp data, creating a comprehensive record of the evacuation process. This allows companies to assess the efficiency of their safety drills and evacuation procedures. With these data reports, organizations can identify areas for improvement. enhance emergency preparedness, and maintain a historical record of safety drill outcomes. Cloud-in-Hand - stratus-io Check-in Mobile Phone QRcode GeoFence


Accelerating safety drills is of paramount importance in ensuring a successful emergency response. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to shed outdated manual practices and embrace innovative technology. With the Stratus-io Emergency Mustering application, organizations can transition from time-consuming manual methods to a modern, efficient approach that enhances safety and emergency preparedness. Stratus-io offers a wide array of features, including automatic check-in, rapid communication, real-time employee tracking, and data reporting capabilities. These features collectively form a comprehensive and dependable solution for bolstering emergency preparedness!