Accounting for all Workers at Evacuation Sites

The global shift toward flexible work arrangements has given rise to a new challenge for businesses – ensuring the safety and accountability of their employees, regardless of where they perform their tasks. This challenge has led to the development of innovative tracking software solutions that bridge that gap between different work modalities. The Cloud-In-Hand Solution Platform is a revolutionary solution that not only simplifies this process but also enhances it, by providing a comprehensive approach to tracking and accounting for all workers at evacuation sites.

The Challenge: Accounting for All Workers

Traditionally, ensuring worker attendance during an emergency evacuation has been a daunting task. On-site workers relied on manual sign-in sheets, a method prone to errors and delays. Conversely, remote employees faced the challenge in confirming their safety and precise location through intricate communication channels.

The rise of hybrid work setups has further compounded these challenges. The need to simultaneously account for both on-site and remote workers at evacuation sites has added a new layer of intricacy. Managing different attendance methods, especially in high-pressure situations such as emergency evacuations, requires a more adaptive and comprehensive approach. A split image to showcase hybrid work

Finding an approach that seamlessly integrates both remote and on-site attendance data is essential. The tracking software Cloud-In-Hand Solution Platform presents just that and more! Its multifaceted and innovative capabilities transcend the limitations of traditional methods. Most importantly, it upholds the paramount importance of accounting for all workers, regardless of their work modalities or location.

The Solution: Stratus-io Emergency Mustering

Stratus-io Emergency Mustering, a solution provided via, ensures comprehensive coverage by accounting for all workers. Stratus-io offers a streamlined solution for every employee to easily indicate their safety status, irrespective of their location, be it remote or in-person. The flexible remote check-in app allows workers to promptly confirm their safety upon arriving at the evacuation site. This alleviates the challenge faced by many companies with hybrid work setups when determining the presence of on-site and remote employees. 

Accouting for all workers with instant communication feature

On-site: Employees are able to scan their employee badges at the evacuation site. This enables them to prioritize their safety without needing to meet muster captains or reach physical checkpoints. Optionally, employees can mark themselves safe in case of an emergency with the Remote Check-in app. The Remote Check-in app also has a messaging feature that employees use to send messages to administrators. Timestamps and GPS coordinates can also be sent. 

Remote:  Remote workers can instantly mark themselves safe with the Remote Check-in app. This eliminates the uncertainty of employee presence during an emergency evacuation. Stratus-io also provides an alternative through SMS notification for individuals without access to the application. This ensures a comprehensive check-in solution for all.

Hybrid: In situations that involve both on-site and remote workers, the tracking software seamlessly combines results of all check-ins. Workers use whichever check-in method is most expedient. This dynamic flexibility ensures accountability is maintained regardless of their workers’ situation. 

Stratus-io is an essential resource during emergency evacuations for businesses with a diverse workforce, including remote, on-site, and hybrid workers. Its adaptive functionalities facilitate a cohesive and efficient safety protocol. By integrating on-site badge scan, remote check-ins via the app, SMS notifications, Stratus-io streamlines the entire process. It ensures on-site employees are instantly accounted for when they reach the evacuation site. The software system also instantaneously tracks remote and hybrid workers, eliminating concerns about their on-site presence.


By embracing this groundbreaking tracking software, organizations are not only safeguarding their workforce but also preparing themselves for the ever-changing landscape of work in the digital age. Whether workers are suited on-site, working remotely or engaging in a hybrid work model, guarantees accounting for all workers with their numerous advanced features.